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A letter from our Missionary Partners, the Borlase family

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A Message from the Church of Scotland regarding new guidance to help churches manage the Coronavirus/COVID-19 lockdown.

Updated Guidance from the Church of Scotland in PDF form below. Please note that this new guidance for reopening of Churches, Version 3, is rather complex reading. It is 57 pages in length.

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Letter from our Missionary Partner Fiona Kendall

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Remembering Srebrenica

Rt Revd Dr W Martin Fair, Moderator Church of Scotland

3rd July 2020

Dear All,

Certain philosophical approaches assume uninterrupted growth and progress for humanity – whether in terms of economics or morality.  And it is possible to look at the world and see evidence of things being better than once they were.  Thirty years ago, one-third of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty – living on less than $1.90 a day.  Most recent figures indicate that that figure is now nearer to 10% of the world’s population.  We can’t yet claim to have made poverty history, but progress has undoubtedly been made.  Let us rejoice in that whilst committing ourselves to work for further progress.

But in terms of how we humans get on with one another, it’s hard to argue that we’ve made much progress at all.  Do we forget so quickly?  Are we so inept when it comes to remembering to remember – and to learn?

Twenty-five years ago the world watched in horror at what unfolded across the Balkans generally and, particularly, at Srebrenica.  Those who thought that such unthinkable extermination only happened elsewhere, or belonged in the history books, were shocked to see such scenes taking place in ‘civilised’ Europe.

It was never more important than it is now that we remember what happened – in a historical sense and because it is so very easy to allow ourselves to slip into the same dark places.  Even now, there are divisive voices in our communities, doing their best to emphasise difference and to exploit what’s going on in the world for their own ends.  These voices must not prevail – which will require all people of goodwill to do more than be idle bystanders.

In remembering Srebrenica, with deep shame and sadness, let us apply ourselves to working for reconciliations, understanding and peace in our world today.

I invite congregations across Scotland to be at the heart of this and to light candles and to pray accordingly.  And I encourage the whole Church to make use of the resources made available by Remembering Srebrenica Scotland that we might be informed and motivated:  www.srebrenica.scot

With every blessing,

Yours in Christ,

Rt Revd Dr W Martin Fair, Moderator, General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

A Prayer for Srebrenica

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow,

Hear us as we pray and remember the people of Srebrenica,

We pray for those, whose memories are scarred with pain,

For those whose hearts are broken

For lives that were torn apart.

Hold us, and all those we remember in your embrace,

Never letting us forget the sins of humanity.

Bring us close to all;

Mothers and children,

Fathers and sons,

Sisters and brothers of those left behind

And heal their pain and sorrow.

Teach us never to forget the lessons of the past,

And in going forward, create a world of equity;

Not to be divided by hatred and discrimination

But united in courage, love and empathy

Help us Lord to learn to live for a world

Where differences are valued and respected

Where fear and distrust will never consume us.

We ask that those suffering would know your peace

and their lives might be restored through your grace.




A Message from our Interim Moderator Revd Colin Brockie

“Some Thoughts on Jeremiah”

Read Jeremiah 29: 1 – 14

Jeremiah is in Jerusalem but, following the conquest of Judah by the Babylonians, all the leaders and people of influence had been forcibly removed to Babylon. He writes this letter to encourage them to settle down, build up their family life, to support the administration and to continue to pray for the welfare of all including the Babylonians. He assures them that God has not forgotten them and that, in due time, they will return to their homeland and rebuild their lives. Up till then they are to be good and active citizens.

       God, says Jeremiah, still has concern for the welfare and future of his people despite their awful conquest by the Babylonians and their exile in faraway Babylon and they must not give in to their feelings of despair nor listen to the false words of some so-called “prophets”. He encourages them to have hope for the future and to live accordingly.

         We are living through a time of change, worry, fear and the lockdown could be likened to imprisonment. It would be easy to give in to our feelings of dismay, anxiety and, for some, great sadness caused by our enforced separation. But, with the slight easing of the lockdown, we can see glimmers of the hope described by Jeremiah. However, as Jeremiah told his people, we must continue to be responsible citizens, having a care first and foremost for others as well as ourselves. Pray to God for the strength and determination to live as we should and, like the exiles, pray for the welfare of our society. God’s concern is for our welfare and that we live the life of fullness and joy promised by Jesus.


God of compassion, be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Colin GF Brockie


A message from our Safeguarding Coordinator, Rachel Houston.

I want to let you know about a service being provided by the Crossroads Hub operating from Darvel. 

The service are making  homecooked soups and simple meals available (frozen)  for local people who are isolated or those who are financially struggling due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

Due to circumstances they cannot deliver directly to people’s doorsteps. 

If you can benefit from this service I would be prepared to arrange a collection once a week on a Wednesday. 

Contact myself, Rachel, on mobile 07904525494. Please note that this is a free service.


Here is our Session Clerk, Elizabeth Lauchlan’s weekly note to the Standard for Wednesday 29th of July.


Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest. Matthew 11: 28

Let’s light a candle, a symbol of hope, each evening at 7pm and pray for all who are affected by COVID – 19, all key workers and essential workers who have kept the country going through many weeks of crisis.

 Pray for our Scottish and UK Government as they lead us through these very fragile times of easing out of lockdown.

Pray for those areas and other countries where the virus rages on and is till causing devastation.

Pray for those who are working to make right decisions about a safe reopening of our church buildings.

Pray also for one another and all within our community and look out for one another.

Stay safe.

Contact can be made with Elizabeth Lauchlan, Session Clerk, 01563 537381 or Email:   elizabeth.lauchlan@btinternet.com


Covid-19 The Coronavirus

On the advice of the Church of Scotland all services are cancelled and the use of our buildings is suspended until further notice because of the Coronavirus.

Anyone who is self isolating due to the Coronavirus and in need of assistance for shopping etc., please contact Rachel Houston our Safeguarding Co-coordinator on 01563-571436.

Regarding this terrible virus please all be safe in your homes, only make journeys as asked for by the Scottish and UK Governments. Gatherings of no more than two people at a time. Keep in touch by all necessary remote means. Make sure older people you know who live on their own are okay. Though it may break your heart, families must not meet for social events. We must flatten the curve to give the NHS the time and breathing space they need until hopefully a vaccine is developed. We can also pray, we can all pray to the Lord Jesus for his healing hands to reach down and touch us all.

Meanwhile, keep as well as you can and take comfort in knowing that the volume of prayers from every country in the World has greatly increased in recent times. We know that God always hears and answers prayers and this time will be no exception.




The Thrift Shop has finished for now

Hurlford Church Thrift Shop has shut following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus. It will return when things improve, in due time.


Guild Night on Tuesday 17th of March

The Guild Night on 17th March was cancelled and there will be no further Guild meetings for the moment. This following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus. We have no idea at this time when Church life can resume. We can only hope and pray it will be sooner rather than later.


Sunday Worship cancelled meantime

Sunday Worship on 22nd March 2020 Cancelled

Sunday Worship on 22nd of March has been cancelled following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus. There will be no Sunday Services for the foreseeable future. It is a sad but necessary step to defeat this virus.


Wednesday Prayer Time.

Wednesday Prayer Time has been cancelled following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus. There will be no Wednesday Prayer time for the moment.


Other events

Used Stamps: gather and keep for eventual use

Used stamps are always welcome and can be placed in the drop box in the vestibule of the church. There is also a drop box in the large hall at the serving hatch, or you can give them to your District Elder. As the Church is closed for now, please gather and keep for eventual use.

The Church of Scotland World Mission wish to express thanks for our ongoing support and have advised that from 2018 Stamp Appeal, £2, 433 has been raised for the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

The 2019 World Stamp Appeal will be supporting the Chigodi Women Centre in Blanytyre, Malawi, and your support would be appreciated.


Cuppa & Blether

The Cuppa & Blether has been cancelled following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus. There will be no Cuppa and Blether gatherings for the moment.


Wednesday Service – Cancelled

The next Wednesday Service has been cancelled following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus. There will be no Wednesday Services for the Foreseeable Future.


The Knitting and Sewing Group Cancelled

The Knitting and Sewing Group meetings are cancelled for the moment following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus.

We knit and crochet blankets, hats, scarves and teddies. Recently we had a Chaplain visit from the Sailors Society who mentioned that the sailors asked for scarves and fingerless gloves. We were able to supply her with hats and scarves from our store but we are looking for a pattern to start on the gloves.

Transportation to Moldova is uncertain this year because of Britain having left the European Union. However the Sailors Society and Scripture Union, Gowanbank , Darvel are happy to take items.

Since the start of the session in September last year, we have completed:

24 blankets, 130 hats, 22 scarves, 54 teddies and 8 baby knits!

Thank you again to the ladies who regularly give us wool.

Margaret Crawford.

Please note that since Margaret wrote the above events with the Coronavirus have overtaken us. Everyone will be in lockdown but hopefully still able to knit. We pray that sooner rather than later events get back to normal.

The Webmaster


The Men’s Club cancelled

The Men’s Club has been cancelled meantime following advice from Church of Scotland in regard to the Coronavirus.


Hurlford Church Choir

Are you interested in singing in a Choir? Our church choir has 8 members. Whether you are a Bass, a Tenor, an Alto or a Soprano (or not sure which) we would welcome you. We are a friendly group and we practice on the third Thursday of every month with David Hunter. Please come along! We’d be delighted to see you! Sadly the choir activities like all else are in abeyance for the time being.

Photo courtesy of Ron Swanson


Our Church, Hurlford Church

Hurlford Church courtesy of Churches of Scotland Website

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